Press Freedom: An Absolute? [August 2016]
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Press Freedom: An Absolute? [August 2016]

Earlier on this year there was fierce resistance when the National Media Commission proposed the ‘Regulation of Broadcasting Content Bill”. The Commission stood accused of attempting to restrain the media. After all, the basis of the Bill is arguably, to censor publications of the media.

In an era where there is renewed global interest in the value of freedom of expression following a number of terrible attacks on journalists, it is right to say that the liberty to express one’s opinion is all the more fundamental and should be protected from intimidation or censorship.

The 1992 Constitution of Ghana guarantees the freedom of speech and expression, including the press and other media. To a large extent, our Press has developed without fear of threats, restrictive laws or prosecutions. Indeed a recent suggestion by our Inspector General Police to shut down social media services on the day of the General Election in order to avoid potential tension and violence was  met with a public outcry.

Recent events however ……..

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