Industrialization – Big Bet on Technology [November 2017]
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Industrialization – Big Bet on Technology [November 2017]

With the launch of industrialization initiatives across the country, the future looks bright with great prospects for the unemployed youth of Ghana. A few distressed companies such as the Komenda Sugar factory, the Pwalugu Tomato factory in the Northern region, and the West African Mills Company have caught the eye of the Government, who has expressed commitment to their revival. The real extent of the revival of these companies is ‘work in progress’: the clear aim however is to increase and sustain volume of production.

The devil as they say is in the detail and the task ahead goes beyond fund allocation. Can it then be said that technology if accepted as a tool will be a major step in the right direction in yielding high dividend? Technology has been proven to have the ability to produce (however minor the input), signifcant positive changes in the economics of a small-scale farmer and big industries alike.

It is not far-fetched to think that we can aspire to be more effcient by the use of technology on our farms and in our factories.

We need only look at other African countries such as Kenya and Nigeria who are utilizing technology to help their farmers.

For example, Ghana can easily replicate a system in Nigeria where the Government……Subscribe HERE for FREE to Read More…..