CONVICTION POLITICS – President names Special Prosecutor [February 2018]
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CONVICTION POLITICS – President names Special Prosecutor [February 2018]

President Akufo-Addo has announced his nomination for a Special Prosecutor and the calls for the long- awaited Right to Information Bill (“the RTI Bill”) have become more intense than ever before.
The RTI Bill has generated enough emotional heat over the years as successive Governments dragged their legislative feet, provoking rebuke from civil groups of the significant delay in enacting the law.
Tackling corruption through the establishment of the Office of the Special Prosecutor and passage of the RTI Bill were key campaign promises of the Akufo-Addo Administration. Many have argued that the appointment of the Special Prosecutor has added a greater sense of urgency to the passage of the RTI Bill. Under the legal mandate to investigate and prosecute corruption, the Special Prosecutor has been empowered to request for information relevant to an investigation, subject to a penalty of up to two years’ imprisonment for refusal to comply with such request. However, there is no doubt that the passage of the RTI Bill could only buttress the Special Prosecutor’s quiver of anti-corruption tools and assure Ghanaians of the effectiveness of this independent role. Subscribe HERE for FREE to Read More…..