Environmental, Social & Governance

B & P’s Unflinching Commitment to Environment Social Responsibility and Governance (ESG)

B & P Associates is a full-service law firm that serves clients across different jurisdictions and climates.


Recognizing the relevance of issues concerning the environment, social responsibility, and governance, we advise and encourage our clients to tailor their businesses to ensure adherence to standards that comply with certain pre-defined environmental, social, or governance goals.


We are actively aware of the current climate crisis driving climate change, and the negative impact it has had in different parts of the world, Ghana being no exception. As a major pioneer of change in the Ghanaian legal space, we are in a unique position to tailor our service offerings and operations in a way that is green, carbon conscious, and sustainable.


As a firm, we take active steps to reduce our carbon footprint and educate our clients and the wider community through the services we provide, on the steps they can take to ensure the collective legacy of habitable earth for future generations.  

We take cognizance of the fact that the three (3) distinct factors of ESG assist investors and other stakeholders to measure performance and ensure the accountability of companies. Therefore,  we urge our clients to not only set ESG goals but also to take active steps to achieve those goals. and in some cases, assist our clients in drafting ESG  policies, making them investment-ready.


With our multi-jurisdictional trained and cross-border team of experienced lawyers, the Firm’s rich expertise allows us to advise with a high level of insight that meets the business needs of our clients. 


Our Team is ready to assist with sustainable business growth.

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