“We create an atmosphere to help people realize their God-given potential and inspire confidence in others who are expected to pass on this investment to the next generation. It is my hope, that through this, a domino effect of sorts will be generated thus making a truly positive impact on the legal community.”

Adelaide Benneh Prempeh

Managing Partner, B&P ASSOCIATES

My 8-week Internship at B & P ASSOCIATES

“It has been an exciting and intensive eight-week internship and I cannot overemphasize how important this period has been for me. The disparity between what I learnt in school and what actually occurs in legal practice has been a true eye-opener.


This internship has indeed been a great learning experience for me. I had the rare privilege of understudying brilliant seniors who tutored and mentored me throughout the period. The wealth of knowledge I have garnered within this relatively short period has been impactful and I strongly believe this will prove useful as I begin my legal career. I am particularly happy about the way I was warmly received and it is difficult saying goodbye to a place I called home over the past eight weeks.


I am extremely grateful to the Managing Partner of B&P Associates and the Ghana School of Law for this opportunity.”


Audrey Nana Oye Addy
GSL Summer Intern, 2022
Barrister of the Supreme Court of Ghana, 2022
Best Student in Interpretation of Deeds and Statutes, 2022


B&P ASSOCIATES encourages professional development by ensuring that talented individuals receive the requisite training and professional experience required to advance their legal careers. The 6-month mandatory pupillage training with the Firm provides young lawyers with practical guidance, mentorship, and exposure to legal practice in Ghana. It also ensures that lawyers obtain the necessary legal and commercial awareness necessary for the legal profession. Successful applicants have the opportunity to work directly with Adelaide Benneh Prempeh, the Managing Partner, as their pupil supervisor to ensure a comprehensive legal experience.


Interested applicants are encouraged to apply three (3) months before their proposed Call to the Bar. Offers made prior to the Call remain conditional offers.  



B&P ASSOCIATES’ Internship Programme affords students of the Ghana School of Law the opportunity to undertake the 3-month compulsory internship under the leadership of Adelaide Benneh Prempeh, the Managing Partner of the Firm.


B&P ASSOCIATES also offers 2-week internship placements during the summer period to interested applicants to enable individuals to gain direct practical experience with B&P work.


All interested applicants are encouraged to send copies of the following documents to info@bpaghana.com

  • Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • National ID